50 Premium Procreate Brushes + 4 Color Palettes | CREATIVE PACK ONE | Also includes 120 Hand-Picked Colors | Asia Orlando Brushes

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The Creative Pack I includes both of my Procreate Brush Sets, the Mixed Media pack with 28 artistic premium brushes, and the Sketch Toolkit that contains 22 sketch tools that I use for sketching my artwork. As well as the other brush sets, these brushes are meant to be life-like. They were the first Procreate Brush packs I created! This Bundle also includes 4 of my mood color palettes, with 120 hand-picked colors.

This is the first creative pack, and it's meant to be for all digital illustration levels, but can be a really good kit for beginners as they are easy to use and get you started,

  • 10 sketching pencil and drawing brushes
  • 10 watercolor, gouache, and wet painting tools. Every painter's essentials
  • 12 particles and paintbrushes for an extra level of details
  • 8 sketching tools like charcoal, graphite & chalk that react like real-life tools
  • 5 textured detail brushes, for extra detail
  • 5 dry, acrylic, and pastel brushes 
  • Smudge tools marked next to the name with an (S)
  • Items marked with a (V) are best suited for VisDev
  • Quick installation guide PDF included
  • and much more!

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All the tools and brushes I created are supposed to feel like real-life tools, if you have paperlike for example on your iPad, you might feel you are drawing with a real pencil. I cannot wait for the day that the iPad pencil will have some sort of physical feedback when drawing, so I can include that also into the brushes.


I've been working with Procreate for a few years now, and it's my go-to tool for personal and professional work. During that time I've been creating and perfecting more and more brushes to meet a particular need for my artwork. I love adding texture, noise, and grain to my work, it gives an extra layer of detail. If you are familiar with my work, you will recognize a lot of textures and grains from my illustrations.


The answer is Yes! I'm planning to update the brushes regularly, to make sure the brushes are compatible with the last Procreate version. And Also I will create more that might fit perfectly with an existing set, so you get the update for FREE. If you had this pack already, with October 2020 release you will receive an update to all existing brushes, now compatible with the last Procreate 5X and 4 NEW extra bushes I added to each pack, making a total of 8 NEW ones updated for free.


My name is Asia Orlando, I’m an Illustrator and Digital Artist currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Design, and I'm the founder of the illustration movement #ourplanetweek

My Free Newsletter THE CREATIVE DRAFT https://asiaorlando.substack.com/

Where to find me? I post regular videos about illustration, digital art, books, and tutorials on my YouTube Channel You can also find me on Instagram, my account is @asiaorlando_ 

I also created Instagram procreate brushes account where I will run illustration challenges and where you can tag me in your creation @asiaorlandobrushes

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50 PRO Procreate Brushes for evey Digital Illustrator | This Sets Includes my two brush sets Mixed Media Pack + Sketch Toolkit | Also includes my 4 Seasons Color Palettes with 120 Hand-Picked Colors

Procreate 5X+
Procreate Pocket
4 Seasons Color Palettes
4 Moods Color Palettes
350.0 MB
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50 Premium Procreate Brushes + 4 Color Palettes | CREATIVE PACK ONE | Also includes 120 Hand-Picked Colors | Asia Orlando Brushes

15 ratings
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